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Albemarles are built on the foundation of the legendary Carolina hull, with its dramatic deadrise and elegant bow flare and have been evolving through decades of input from top naval architects. Albemarle has created a boat that is now legendary for its ability to take on even the most brutal head seas with comfort and confidence, track effortlessly in following or breaking seas, and deliver a steady, stable platform whether trolling in the gulf stream or cruising with your family in the bay.

But just as important as the smooth, dry ride of an Albemarle, are the incredible lengths they go through to hand-build incredibly strong and safe hulls. Throughout the long process of design and production, quality control procedures at every level ensure that all materials, components, and finishes are of the highest caliber. Under the watchful eyes of our master craftsmen, each hull is subjected to a series of exacting tests to verify that it meets or exceeds our internal standards for flawlessness and function. Once it has passed all of these standards, a new phase of testing begins. To say that Albemarle overbuilds their hulls would be an understatement.

Albemarle 53 Spencer Edition Albemarle Boats and Spencer Sportfish announced a newly formed partnership between the two companies and their plan to build a semi-custom 53 foot Carolina boat.  In the time since, design work has been completed, the Edenton facility has been made ready, the hull mold has been received and prepared, and the additional tooling is in process.  Today the company is proud to announce that construction of the first Albemarle 53 Spencer Edition will begin in August at Albemarle’s Edenton, NC facility.

Express Built to be a flat-out fishing machine that is nimble and boasts an impressive list of standard high-quality, full-on fishing features. The centerline helm pod with 360-degree visibility and deep gunwales make it perfect for the serious tournament angler or charter captain. The first-class living quarters feature luxurious appointments and a well-appointed galley. The intelligent cabin configuration allows plenty of sleeping and entertaining options. 

Available sizes: 30’, 32’, 36’.

Dual Console The standard boat has everything you need for a day offshore, and with the addition of the optional cockpit galley, she is very capable of onboard dinner cruises as well. Featuring the Albemarle “A” Berth, an innovative full beam berth, making her the first dual console in the class truly capable of comfortable overnighting.

Available sizes: 27’ and 31”.

Custom Carolina Series An impressive offshore fishing machine that combines striking lines and dramatic Carolina-style flare with unparalleled interior design, innovation, and craftsmanship.

Available in 41’.

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